Raging from the far reaches of swampy Florida, Illbourne is a five piece metal band with music that will reach the depth of your gut... and soar through your heart. Emotions run high when you're listening to Illbourne.


Illbourne is an independent, Florida based metal band. The band consists of vocalist Giancarlo (Kako) Colon, guitarists Pedro Alfonso & Eric “Mr. B” Barrios, bassist Herbert Colon and drummer Alayn Lam. Known to convert even the softest of rockers to headbanging metal heads, their sound can only be categorized as intense and diverse. Streatching from dauntless rock and roll to ground shaking heavy metal!


Seeking to find something special, the founders of the band, guitarist Pedro Alfonso and bassist Herbert Colon set out to build a powerhouse team of talented musicians. Upon rehearsing with the Vocalist Giancarlo “Kako” Colon, the band knew they found the front man it needed. With his drive and determination, he relentlessly brings a bone-crushing energy and fearlessly pours from the powerful depths of his soul and gives the music impact and heart.


Illbourne just launched their official website illbourne.com and is preparing to launch a new single. They will be looking to captivate audiences all over Miami and will be rapidly expanding throughout Florida and the United States with a carefully and passionately crafted marketing plan.


If you are into metal and hard rock, look out for the name Illbourne. Soon you will be hearing it all over the place. A lot of the fans have categorized the music as “very unique” and "full of personality." Leading a cultural experience that makes every show feel like a full blown party at a strip club (minus the cost) be sure to catch Illbourne when they are rocking at a venue near you.